WESTEC | Manufacturing

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

September 24 - 26, 2019

Booth # 1637

Exhibiting: LIFT 1.0

Show Producer: SME + AMT + FREEMAN


This fall, Modula is excited to return to the widely attended Westec exhibition. This flagship exhibition is one of the most important and most important cities in the world.

The Westec exhibition offers an exciting opportunity for businesses to present their latest innovations, improvements, and solutions. The opportunity for innovators and engineers to meet in one place.


Modula will showcase their innovative Modula Vertical Lift once again. The automated storage and retrieval system allows shop floors, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities to recover or preserve precious space while improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their picking operations.


Attendees and exhibitors alike will see firsthand how Modula vertical lift module unit works and how this automated storage solution can store up to 80 static shelving inventory bays. Modula Vertical Lift maximizes storage potential, using the full height of a storage facility. Modular's automated storage and retrieval systems have been designed to meet the needs of many different industries. Some of the core advantages of Modula's automated storage solutions

  • Increased productivity
  • Significant space savings
  • Enhanced traceability
  • Greater efficiency


The high-traffic exhibitor floor offers Modula a valuable opportunity to inform awaits about the advanced vertical storage systems they offer. Stop by our booth to see the machine in action.


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