Software Packages

Software Packages


The BASE module is included with all new Modula VLM units sold. It provides the basic tools for the VLM unit’s management, such as its own register management, graphical storage cell location management, the ability for item requests by means of orders or direct item number requests, execu-tion of physical warehouse inventories, and integration to your host management system, using a manual text file exchange with predefined path and layout.



The BASE PLUS module adds two important software functionalities in addition to the Modula WMS – BASE software module:

• Advanced security management, to limit tray access depen-ding on user login profile.
• An automatic and configurable data exchange with the management system using text files or shared tabled acces-sible via ODBC.XML files, ASCII files, or using Excel files.


The STANDARD module introduces a set of functions designed to make the use of the Modula VLM units as efficient as possible:

• Dynamic compartment management (item/compartment matching).
• Dynamic Batch and serial number management FIFO and due date management.
• Warehouse statistical analysis tools as well as printed report customization.



The software package Modula LINK allows the customer, already running another WMS, the ability to control the automation commands of several Modula machines. Communication with supervisory PC is based on socket client. In this case there is no exchange of orders, rather specific machine commands to move trays in and out of the Modula. It is also possible to control the accessories for visual aid such as LED bars, graphical LED bars and Laser Pointer. The Copilot console in this case does NOT enable the operator to interact with the machine. In this case it is necessary to adopt RF terminals or another PC to accomplish order execution and interact with the external WMS.



The software package Modula Driver allows the customer, al-ready running another Warehouse Management System (WMS), the ability to man-age several Modula machines for picking, placing and inventory. Communication is based on tables and text files. It is possible to use accessories for visual aid to picking operations such as LED bars, graphical LED bars and Laser Pointer. The Copilot console enables the op-erator to interact with the machine, although all pick-ing, placing and inventory orders must be exchanged with the external WMS.

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