Modula WMS

Modula WMS

Modula WMS software is a warehouse management package ideal for automated storage equipment, such as MODULA VLM’s as well as with conventional storage methods (manual areas with shelving).
Modula WMS software is able to be used as the perfect compliment and addition to Modula VLM’s for additional management or as stand-alone software tool for your warehouse. Modula WMS allows real-time warehouse management via a PC interface.
All that’s needed to be supplied is a PC to act as warehouse’s server and a certain number of client PC’s, depending on the number of storage areas or specifi c needs.


Using your data to the fullest potential in order to improve overall performance.
• Repetitive tasks and procedures are auto- mated.
• Well planned material movements.
• Reduced picking and replenishment errors.
• Substantial reduction of paperwork and ro- cesses required


The software continually searches for optional locations to squeeze space and reduce inventory.


Operating procedures are efficiently designed for an intuitive and easy to use experience, by even lower skilled users.


Facile integrazione con ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, ecc), MRP o altre applicazioni a livello aziendale, fornendo un scambio di informazioni preciso e continuo tra i sistemi e Modula WMS.


In order to optimize order management allows the user to speed up order executions times for both picking and replenishment operations, all with complete item traceability.


Modula WMS is easily adapted to existing corporate software systems and organizational needs. The result is minimal impact to current procedures and preferences





Software Packages

MODULA WMS BASE Modula WMS Base is considered our entry level package and is bundled with a Modula purchase; it is suitable for the management of one or more warehouses.This [...]

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Supplementary Software Modules

To be added to the Modula WMS PREMIUM PACKAGE: ADVANCED ITEM MANAGEMENT This module extends the functionalities for item management:• Management of the pre-defined orders [...]

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Service Provided

In addition to MODULA WMS software, the following services are available to its users. WMS SW INSTALLATION Modula WMS software is installed by computer specialists using a [...]

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Warehouse Management System

The Future of Warehouse Management Modula WMS software is a warehouse management package designed for automated storage equipment, such as MODULA VLM as well as [...]

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