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Modula VC

Modula VC Technical Information

When you are working in confined or small spaces, Modula's Vertical Carousel technology allows you to save needed floor space and to maximize your vertical space. Facilities of all sizes in every industry can benefit from the astounding capabilities of VC, including its low maintenance design, high carrier load capacity, and ability to be configured to unique specifications including multiple operators, or a clean or cold room setting.

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Modula VC vertical carousel features:

  • Design for reliability and low maintenance;
  • Carrier load capacity up to 1,100lb (500kg);
  • Wide availability of clear heights, shelves, and dividers;
  • Capability for clean or cold rooms;
  • Dual access for multi-operator use.

Modula VC vertical carousels are one of the most durable in the industry, engineered for long-term reliability in 24/7 operations. Skeletal frame with dust cover panels and protection reduce housekeeping requirements, especially important for pharma and hospital applications.

This product features easy access to drives, motor, and controls for speed of installation and maintenance. Guidance system and suspension arm design optimize load balancing and minimize maintenance costs. The user-friendly and safe design makes our carousel extremely easy to operate, which improves picking accuracy and productivity.

Unit heights from 6’-9” to 23’-6”
Net unit load capacity 2,800 lbs, 7,000 and 12,000 lbs
Operator interface rugged 10.4” color touchscreen operator control console
Carrier widths from 86.9”’ to 111.9”
Carrier depths 16.3” to 24.2”
Carrier pitches 10.5” to 20.0”
Carrier load capacities 387 lbs to 1,102 lbs
Bolted carrier design for quick installation and removal for maintainance
Maximum unbalance load sensing - out of balance conditions are automtically detected
Dual E-stop push buttons provides easy access to safety stops if required
Locking bi-parting door for product saftey and protection
Safety light curtains within the operator access opening protect users from machine movement
Steel internal frame structure

Available with

Modula WMS

Modula WMS

The Warehouse Management Software combinable with Modula, or stand alone working designed to manage every storage solution.  

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Modula Options

We offer a variety of add-on options to help our clients customize their automatic storage systems. Expedite the picking process and help technicians approve timing and accuracy with visual aids for picking operations. Improve security with a badge or EKS reader, helping to keep your facility safe and track workflow. Some of our options help to improve productivity, including piece counting scales, label printers, barcode readers, sliding consoles and more. We offer bay options to tailor your Modula product to your specific needs, including automatic doors, tray removal and transportation carts, telescopic internal bays and more.

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