put to light


Put to light is a system designed to improve productivity, enabling operators to increase the number of order lines that can be proces-sed at the same time In the put to light one defines picking zones, as many as you would like orders to be processed in parallel.
For each zone WMS associates a specifc order. Each system has one or more 3 meters (10 feet) bars that can be connected to cover the entire length, according to the specific application.
The bars sustain and power the lights of the system, which tell the operator where and how much to pick and put. Every zone has a corresponding display.

Each display has a three color (amber, green and red), each one corresponding to a diffe-rent machine. The operator can thus pick from one machine and then place in the zone whe-re the matching color is alight.
The display will indicate the number of pieces that need be put away, and a push button is used as mission complete or to correct errors. One can operate either in “batch” or “multi-ple order” fashion, depending on the internal operating procedures of each customer.


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