The Digital Factory and a Cultural Approach: Part 4

In the last part of our Smart Manufacturing blog series, we will discuss how Modula approaches digital manufacturing in a way that still keeps people at the center of the process. This new wave Industrial Revolution has elevated the role of people from maintenance workers to process supervisors. The people employed in a digital factory are specialized and share a multidisciplinary approach that implies knowledge of multiple sectors. Digitalization of the manufacturing industry must be explored and described while keeping the cultural factor clearly in mind because the transition from a conventional factory to a digitalized factory encapsulates an evolutionary mindset.

Like the entire System Group, Modula has been engaged in this process of transformation for several years already. We're facing radical change that will result in the increasingly tight integration of digital technology with the industrial processes of the manufacturing sector. Modula and the Group companies place their expertise, in the form of technologies, analysis packages, and applications, plus intercommunication systems, at the disposal of machines. Building a digital factory means changing legacy procedures and replacing them with digital solutions. This move would not be possible if we failed to develop all our actions starting from the analysis of processes in order to understand precisely where we're starting from and where we're headed.

Industry 4.0 and Cloud
Modula has equipped its vertical warehouses with a device that provides warning signal inputs in the presence of possible faults, so the company can inform customers in real time and provide adequate support for predictive maintenance activities. This is an added value that makes it possible to collect and monitor, using cloud computing, all the information associated with the vertical warehouses in order to keep track of their operation at all times and deliver a service whose goal is to consolidate the relationship between company and customer, resulting in benefits both for the Modula production process and also for the customer.

The size of the workforce is rising year on year in Modula and in the System Group because human know-how lies at the center of all our industrial activities. Today's workforce is characterized by a massive presence of highly skilled personnel with expertise in technical, scientific, economic and humanistic disciplines. Learn more about our innovative company and products by contacting one of our team members today!

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