Modula Vertical Lift Module – a fast and easy-to-operate system

Finding what you need in your warehouse should be fast, easy and intuitive.

Modula Vertical Lift Module (also known as VLM) is an easy-to-operate system that helps companies save space and manage fast and efficient storage operations.

Operators simply select the required product tray using a control panel, and the Vertical lift Module  automatically file or retrieve the item at an ergonomic height for easy access.

Morover, Modula`s VLMs work extremely well with any inventory-management software and dramatically improve efficiency, reduce picking errors and significantly increase productivity.

Many companies have chosen Modula to help organize and improve their work-flows, thanks to its flexibility, wide range of models available, its superior design and ease of use.

Your picking and storage operations could be like this too, easy and fast! 


See firsthand how the Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) unit works in this video:

Modula Vertical Lift Module: a fast and easy-to-operate system


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