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The Fabricator, August 4, 2015 

Modula practices what it preaches, puts its money where its mouth is and walk the talk

The Modula U.S.A. plant in Lewiston, Maine, is the result of a $6 million investment in new equipment, a new focus on manufacturing automated vertical storage (AVS) units, and a renaming by Italian parent company System Logistics. Cost-competitive production resulting from integrated, automatic sheet metal fabricating equipment from Salvagnini was key in the company’s decision to locate in the United States.

A lights-out punching, shearing, and forming line replaced outdated equipment to economically produce parts for Modula’s AVS units in single-piece, kit, or batch flow. Modula, a global automated storage systems OEM, practices what it preaches, puts its money where its mouth is, and walks the talk. It is building automation to make companies more efficient and profitable using automation that makes producing its automated vertical storage (AVS) units efficient and profitable. Lewiston, Maine, home of the company’s newest manufacturing facility, builds the high-tech, highly automated AVS
units. System Logistics, Modula’s Italian parent company, chose the location an hour away from the Atlantic coastline based on a number of considerations: the edging up of manufacturing costs in many low-wage nations; the more tha 1,000 customers already located in the U.S.; plans to aggressively market to Central and South America; and the eight- to 10-week delivery delay coupled with hefty shipping costs for transporting units across the pond.

But it was the availability of integrated, automated fabrication processes that pushed the button on investing $6 million to reinvent the company’s existing 100,000-sq.-ft. Diamond Phoenix carousel and conveyor factory. When System Logistics purchased Diamond Phoenix in 2009, the company had transitioned from building shoemaking equipment to producing shoe storage equipment to manufacturing specialized carousels and conveyors. It is credited with building the largest carousel system in the world to hold 1.5 million pairs of shoes for Zappos.

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