Modula joins the MODEX 2016 Innovation Award

Modula will present the most advanced picking system in the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) market at the MODEX Show 2016 (Booth # 3247), held April 4-7, 2016 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

MODEX visitors will have the opportunity to discover up close this advanced picking feature which combines Modula’s industry exclusive external dual delivery picking bay with Modula's leading edge laser pointer, the latest visual laser light guidance technology.
These two picking technology' innovations - external dual delivery picking bay with laser pointer, were launched to take standard VLM picking to the next level. The result ensures increased productivity by up to 35% and improved accuracy up to 100%.

The VLM operator can pick products from one tray while the VLM simultaneously retrieves the next required tray. This dramatically reduces the operator’s idle time. In addition, Modula's dual red and green laser pointer is the only one in the industry to be set up outside of the VLM while maintaining precise mapping of the SKU across the entire tray area.

“Unlike other VLM technologies that only offer units with internal bay and single delivery levels and simple red dot light generated pointers, Modula’s laser solution pinpoints the desired items by mapping it on an X, Y axis with the combination of a red line and a green dot” – explains Paul Roy, Modula's Vice President of Sales. “The result is a much faster location identification resulting in an increase in picking rates and higher productivity for operators between tray deliveries.

In September 2015, Modula has also officially inaugurated its state-of-the-art factory in Lewiston, Maine. Since August 2015, Modula’s full line of products is Proudly Made in the USA from US & Imported Components. This is a strategic move, as the company is the only one to offer the full range of products with the fastest deliveries in the market. Unlike competitors who can only expedite the machines they have in stock, the company can supply the exact unit required for its clients' operation with the entire range of sizes and models.


Come meet our team in Atlanta at MODEX 2016 anytime between April 4th and 7th – Booth #3247. 

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