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Modula innovates once more with a free tool that grants the company's followers access to Modula’s vast media library. The app offers a smart digital platform for tablets to access the leading VLM manufacturer’s latest contents anytime, everywhere in a simple click. The app “Modula” is now available at the Apple store for Ipad, for Android users at Google Play as well as online anytime for PC and MAC users (

Modula announces the official launch of the Modula App - the smart digital platform to access in a single-click all of Modula’s contents.
The sleek app is specifically designed for tablet users and complements the company’s digital communication strategy by leveraging intuitive functionality and the convenience to access information while being offline. Accessible and free to the general public, the app “Modula” is now available at the Apple store for Ipad, for Android users at Google Play as well as online anytime for PC and MAC users (
Modula App’s intuitive interface is designed for users to have fast access to a wide variety of information on both the company and its automated storage solutions at the touch of finger. All contents are organized in an easy to navigate menu. The app allows users to read, watch, download, share and email all of Modula’s photos, videos, case studies, presentations, brochures and more.

Users will benefit from additional app features, including:

  • Optimized search function: Users can locate content by searching for specific words or phrases, without needing to navigate through the different sections of the app. This makes quick and easy to find all related contents. Results will be displayed and organized in the different digital contents as photos, videos, presentations that are related to the keyword searched by the users.
  • Multiple language interfaces: The app is available in Spanish, German, Italian, French and English languages and each version of the app addresses the specific regional market.
  • Offline availability/Automatic updates: The app grants access to all materials while being offline. Once downloaded onto a tablet, the app provides full access and download functionality. The app is also programmed to automatically update the latest contents every time the tablet is back online.

“We are always looking for ways to be relevant for our customers and this app clearly allows us to reach our customers via new technologies” states Miguel Fabra – CEO of Modula Inc. “With this app we allow our customers, dealers, media and prospective followers to have quick access to communications materials that support our value added benefits” he further concludes.

The app demonstrates once more Modula's commitment to provide smart cutting-edge solutions for its clients storage and picking operations or for any communication and information sharing needs to strengthen and evolve their business



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Modula announces the launch of the Modula App, the smart digital storage solution

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