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Modula 2017 Dealer Appreciation Night took place on April 3 rd  at the Lux Bar in Chicago

A Proud Dealer Network - A better experience CompanyAt Modula, we are very proud of our fast-growing dealer network

Modula 2017 Dealer Appreciation Night took place on April 3 rd  at the Lux bar in Chicago. The main objective of the gathering was to Recognize Modula dealers' strong support in promoting the sales of Modula Vertical Storage Solutions. Thanks to Their Efforts, Modula Reached the 200 "Made in the USA" milestone machines in 2016.

During the event, Modula's Top 2016 Dealers were Recognized in an award ceremony. Manu-Stor, Associated Integrated Supply Chain Solutions, Casper Corporation, McMurray Stern and Hy-Tek Material Handling were among the dealers who received awards for Their outstanding performance in 2016. More than 80 Modula dealer representatives from all over the country attended the event.

Paul Roy - Modula's VP of Sales - indicato that "B eing able to count on a local, reliable dealer network has Been A significant factor in the outstanding sales success we have enjoyed in the marketplace. We organize this event every two years to thank our best dealers For Their support, as well as newer dealers to show the type of relationships we strive to build ". He then Concluded - " Our dealer network is strongly committed and loyal to our brand. They are proud to Represent Modula in Their territory and to offer to Their clients the most innovative vertical storage solutions available in the market and we are proud to partner with them in These Efforts ".

Modula 2017 Dealer Appreciation Night was held on the first night of ProMat 2017. Modula used this important industry trade show to introduce to the North American supply chain industry the latest evolution of the company`s most successful product: the Modula OnePick. 

" The trade show was certainly a perfect event to validate the Modula OnePick - our latest innovation - and to launch it in the North American market. The large number of visitors and inquiries certainly Confirms the growing interest in the market for storage and retrieval systems. We are confident That the many leads we generated will soon become new projects "said Miguel Fabra Modula`s CEO. " I was happy to see the presence of many valued dealers who gave our sales team strong support When welcoming visitors and showcasing our company and products. This shows the strong commitment of our dealer network, "he concludes.

The "Modula 2017 Dealer Appreciation Night" also proved a great occasion to gather our dealers feedback and comments to our "Are you proud to be a Modula dealer?" Vox-pop question. The result is great These videos:

# Proudly to Modula Dealer "


Modula  2017  Dealer  Appreciation  Night

Modula 2017 Dealer Appreciation Night

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