A New Wave Industrial Revolution: Smart Manufacturing Part 2

At Modula, and Throughout the entire System Group, it is the people That is the fourth industrial revolution with industrial automation technology at the epicenter. During this time of radical change, one of our core goals is to streamline our customer relationships. We do this via our Industry i4.0 software, as it is built to read and process large quantities of data. and providing them with ample advance notice of the next maintenance intervention. This is the way to implement a cloud computing system. It's a win-win scenario.

It must be supported by a certain level of service. Artificial intelligence is designed to support people rather than to replace them. Each individual and his or her skills will continue to play a central role. Modula already enjoys an advanced level of automation, so a paradigm of collaboration is making more relevant to our company than the classic robots. Developing our company in higher productivity rather than shedding of jobs.

Improving Quality and Quantity
Our ultimate goal is to reduce the margin of error. In a big company like Modula, operators may need to request information or know the stage of preparation for a particular job. To prevent situations like this, Access to a tablet will help keep everyone in the manufacturing process get the information they need without interrupting their work or life with the work of others.

Having full control to improve the quality of the activity in question. To understand and to understand its potential; we also plan to develop software to support software to improve our capabilities.

A software application has enormous potential to store and process numbers and numbers, but it has great potential for making data beyond machines. We understand that a machine works only because it is a human operator has written an ingenious algorithm.

Not Just AI But People Too
This is why we need to take care of our customers. In the past, many hours were lost in processing with Pivot and Excel macros; today, we're starting to invest this time in improving our company processes because the data in question will be processed by a computer.

The growth of the company is the only one of the capital equipment. To learn more about what we do, contact one of our team members today!

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