A New Wave Industrial Revolution: Smart Manufacturing Part 2

At Modula, and throughout the entire System Group, it's the people that are at the center of this fourth industrial revolution with industrial automation technology at the epicenter. During this time of radical change, one of our core goals is to streamline our customer relationships. We do this via our Industry i4.0 software, as it is built to read and process large quantities of data, so we can support them in the use of our systems, allowing real-time reaction in the case of misuse of the machine, and providing them with ample advance notice of the next maintenance intervention. All this will be implemented by means of a Cloud computing system with the aim of improving not just our own production process but also those of our customers. It's a win-win scenario.

For this product to be defined as valid, rather than merely offering the required performance, it must be supported by a certain level of service. Artificial intelligence is designed to support people rather than to replace them. Each individual and his or her skills will continue to play a central role. Modula already enjoys an advanced level of automation, so a paradigm of collaboration is far more relevant for our company than the classic robots. Developing our company in compliance with i4.0 thinking means implementing collaboration between people and machines using a more powerful interface that leads to higher productivity rather than the shedding of jobs.

Improving Quality and Quantity
Our ultimate goal is to reduce the margin of error. In a big company like Modula, operators may need to request information or know the stage of preparation for a particular job. To prevent situations like this, Modula plans to offer each employee with a tablet on which they can read the operating instructions and enter data concerning the job on which they are working. Access to a tablet will help keep everyone in the manufacturing process get the information they need without interrupting their work or interfere with the work of others.

Having full control helps to improve the quality of the activity in question. Our aim is to increase personnel training activities, teaching staff how to use the software and understand its potential; we also plan to develop new professional roles able to interpret the data supplied by the software on the one hand, and to implement the software to boost its functional capabilities on the other, thus improving performance and steadily expanding the level of knowledge.

A software application has enormous potential to store and process an infinite quantity of data and numbers, but people have and always will have the ability to make decisions and go far beyond data collected from machines. We understand that a machine only works because it is based on the intelligence of the person who programs it and it is only capable of capable of self-learning because a human operator has written an ingenious algorithm.

Not Just A.I. But People Too
That's why we decided to make use of artificial intelligence: not to replace personnel, but to help them in their work and free them up to invest their time in value-added activities. In the past, many hours were lost entering data into the system and processing them with Pivot and Excel macros; today, we're starting to invest this time in improving our company processes because the data in question will now be processed by a computer.

The growth of our company has been possible not only thanks to the huge number of automated machines in which we have invested but also and above all because of the ranks of skilled workers that are behind all this capital equipment. To learn more about what we do, contact one of our team members today!

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