Modula to host 2016 Maine Manufacturing Day - Flagship event

Modula to host 2016 Manufacturing Day`s Flagship event

Following the participation to the Maine’s Manufacturing Day in 2015, Modula Inc. is pleased and proud to announce that this year they were chosen by Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAMe) to host this flagship event right at their Lewiston facility. Students ranging from the sixth grade to high school will have the opportunity to grow their knowledge as well as see firsthand how the manufacturing sector operates here in Maine.

The morning will be jammed packed with some history on Modula, robotic demonstrations put on by the St. Dominics High School Robotics Team as well as an extensive factory tour of the automated storage solutions Modula manufactures on a daily basis.
The event will kick off on October 6, 2016 starting at 9:00 AM.

"We are proud to have been chosen by MAMe to host their flagship event during the Maine Manufacturing Day," says Miguel Fabra, CEO of Modula. "In our facility in the USA, we now produce our full line of vertical storage solutions, thanks to the employment of high-tech machineries combined with the skills and experience of our local team," he adds. “We are looking forward to welcoming this youth community to our facility and contribute to create a positive image of this industry and inspire the next generation of manufacturers," he concludes.

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Modula to host 2016 Manufacturing Day - Flagship event

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