Modula to exhibit at the upcoming MODEX 2018 in Atlanta - Booth #B2447


Modula, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated storage and retrieval systems, will once again participate in the MODEX 2018, held April 9 -12 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA (Modula Booth #B2447)

MODEX 2018 is one of the largest global manufacturing, distribution and supply chain expos in North America. With over 800 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government, the show gives attendees an opportunity to explore the solutions that will keep their supply chains moving forward throughout a total of 300,000 square feet.

Modula’s exhibit will feature an interactive demonstrations of how automated vertical storage solutions work and how these meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications for manufacturers across all industries

Some highlights of the novelties to be presented by Modula at MODEX 2018 include Modula OnePick, the latest version of the company's most successful product and Modula Lift, the perfect picking and storage solutions for any industries & business. 

Modula OnePick is an innovative product that combines the vertical lift module`s technology with a sophisticated automated system for the picking or replenishment of a single product at a time, directly from the bay, reducing the margin of error to zero and guaranteeing the highest level of safety. Moreover, the OnePick allows products to be picked and replenished in a fully automated way in combination with delivery and takeaway conveyor, via the introduction of an innovative secure delivery interface window, which guarantees greater accuracy and safety.

At the operators request the OnePick retrieves the selected item and places it in a retrieval location in the secure delivery window. The unit’s design ensures that when the door opens automatically, the operator has access to only that requested item. With this feature, inventory is always safe and under control making the OnePick the perfect storage solution for valuable items that need flawless and safe picking.

Modula OnePick

Figure 1 Modula OnePick`s secure delivery interface window  

Modula OnePick - Secure delivery interface window

Figure 2 Modula OnePick system integrated with delivery and takeaway conveyor

Attendees and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to see firsthand Modula Lift, that since its launch in the market in 2010, has become the company's most successful and flexible product.

This vertical storage solution is designed to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations. Thanks to its innovative features and outstanding reliable performances, Modula Lift can easily satisfy the unique requirements of customers in a wide range of industries. Industrial products, components, and spare parts are stored in up to 46’ high secure units and automatically delivered to the operator to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.  

Modula Lift - Overview

Figure 3 Modula LIFT - Save space and time, improve safety & flexibility

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Modula to present an educational Seminar at MODEX 2018

During MODEX 2018, Modula will present an educational seminar, in cooperation with MHI’s Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) Working Group.

The seminar, “Say YES to Automation and NO to Static: Why Vertical Lift Modules are the Shelving of the Future” will take place on Monday, April 9 at 3:45 PM in Theater D and will see as speaker Rick Havener, Modula Regional Sales Manager and Russ Cruse, Southeast Regional Manager at Hänel Storage Systems.

Rick has over 20 years of experience in the material handling and supply chain industry and has been Sales Manager with Modula for over 12 years now.

The speakers will debunk Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Vertical Automated Storage Solutions and will provide an in-depth overview on the Vertical Lift Module (VLM)`s techology and benefits.

Find out more about the seminar here


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