Modula to exhibit at the upcoming FABTECH 2017 in Chicago

Modula to exhibit at the upcoming FABTECH 2017 in Chicago's McCormick Place

November 6-9, 2017 | McCormick Place | Chicago
Modula booth number: #A5653

Modula is excited to announce its participation as exhibitor at the upcoming FABTECH held in Chicago's McCormick Place, on November 6-9, 2017.

FABTECH provides a convenient ‘one stop shop’ venue to meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments,  as well as find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all your manufacturing needs. The upcoming event is expected to cover more than 450,000 square feet and anticipates over 27,000 attendees and 1,200 exhibiting companies.

Modula’s exhibit will feature an interactive demonstrations of how automated vertical storage solutions work and how these meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications for manufacturers across all industries.

Manufacturing companies are increasingly seeking technologies that can help them save valuable floor space, minimize the amount of wasted time between picks and increase the number of orders processed per picker. Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is one of the most versatile and advanced solutions available to address all these needs.

In traditional static “person to goods model”, pickers spend 60 percent of their time traveling and 40 percent of the time picking.

Modula VLMs` “goods-to-person model” is simple. By using the full ceiling height of a facility, Modula VLMS maximize the storage potential, as the items are stored in up to 46’ high, safe, secure unit and automatically delivered to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height. Since the picker does not have to walk long distances to search for and store articles, the focus at the pick station is on ergonomics and high productivity. As a result, picking efficiency is increased while picking errors are drastically reduced.

Moreover, the modular design of the VLM ensures almost unlimited flexibility. The height can be modified and adjusted to optimize the ceiling height, by adding or removing modules. Modula VLM can be adapted quickly to new height requirements and can be used in almost any stage of the manufacturing and distribution process.

Modula`s full suite of software solutions can provide the right solutions for any customer whether it is a standalone system utilizing Modula`s inventory management WMS software or a fully interfaced version to the customer’s host management system

Get the most performance out of every inch of your manufacturing floor space with Modula Vertical Lift Modules! 
Come visit Modula at FABTECH 2017 – Booth: A5653


The main benefits of Modula automated storage solutions are:

  • Recover up to 90% of valuable floor space - SPACE
  • Pick needed parts faste - PRODUCTIVITY
  • Control loss and increase accountability  - SECURITY
  • Reduce errors during order fulfillment - ACCURACY
  • No climbing, bending or reaching  for parts - ERGONOMICS
  • Full traceability of the orders and monitor stock levels in real time - TRACEABILITY


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