Modula partners with ScottTech Integrated Solutions at the ALA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition

Modula is pleased to announce its presence at the ALA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition, June 21st to 26th in New Orleans. We will be represented by ScottTech Integrated Solutions as they present the Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

This event is organized by the American Library Association, which connects librarians, authors, publishers, professionals, students and anyone who is passionate about the library industry and information services.

How can Modula help improve the library industry? Our automated vertical warehouse solutions and storage technologies make it possible to keep hundreds of books and other types of reference materials in a safe and clean (no more dust!) environment. Our solutions also protect against humidity, which is the number one enemy of paper!

With Modula library storage solutions, our technologies will automate and dramatically reduce waiting times and allow you to keep track of the exact position of books and reference materials. Thanks to the automated shelving system, employees are no longer forced to use shaky and unsafe ladder systems.

There are several universities and E-commerce companies in the publishing sector that have already decided to optimize their space by adopting our vertical storage technologies. Come and visit us at the booth #849 from June 22nd to 25th!

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