Modula Attends Modula Attends ATX West 2020

ATX 2020
Anaheim Convention Center
February 11th – February 13th: Booth # 44177

Modula will be joining some of the world’s most innovative automation and robotics companies to exhibit at Automation Technology Expo (ATX) West 2020.

Taking place in Anaheim, California from February 11th – 13th, ATX is the largest automation event in North America. As a global leader of Automated Vertical Storage and Retrieval Systems or AS/RS, it is important for us to attend a show that brings company leaders together for an event to discover the latest technological advances in the industry. 

Our ATX exhibit pushes the height limits of the Anaheim Convention Center at ATX West, displaying the nearly 23’ high Modula Lift exhibit machine to demonstrate the automation capabilities of high-density facility storage. This demo is smaller in dimension in comparison to the wider and taller, (up to 53’ high) machines we custom build in Lewiston, Maine, USA. In fact, this is the only machine of its kind that is made right here in the USA, from US and imported components. 

This VLM (Vertical Lift Module) exhibit machine, uses an interactive demo that allows global advanced manufacturing professionals that are looking for a way to save valuable floor space and improve throughput at their facility or DC, to both view and try the capabilities of both the machine and our warehouse management software Modula WMS. 

As a global leader of Automated Vertical Storage and Retrieval Systems or AS/RS, Modula will be demonstrating our proven solutions of recovering floor space, increasing operator productivity and improved picking and inventory accuracy of up to 99.9%. Modula’s high-density automated vertical storage systems are proving to do more than save valuable floor space. 

Another benefit of the implementation of automated vertical storage systems is the greatly increased operator productivity. Vertical lift modules automatically deliver parts to the picker at an ergonomic height, rather than having the picker go and locate the parts within long aisles of shelving and cabinets. Walking time for parts retrieval is reduced up to 70% when compared to static shelving. 

  • Recovery of Floor Space – Reduce existing parts storage areas by approximately 90%, while being able to store more parts, add more service bays, have a larger showroom, offices, or an area for accessories sales displays. 
  • Increased Operator Productivity – Faster processing of sales and service orders. 
  • Improved Picking & Inventory Accuracy – Achieve inventory accuracy rates up to 99.9% and having improved parts security. 


Modula at ATX 2020! 

Come meet the Modula team and discover for yourself why the Modula Lift, an innovative vertical storage lift, has more than 20 years of success in the market. With thousands of successful custom installations in facilities throughout the world, Modula Lift is amongst the most reliable and advanced vertical storage solutions available on the market. The revolutionary design of Modula Vertical Lift Modules allows shop floors, distribution centers, and facilities of all sizes to recover or preserve precious space while improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their picking operations. 

One of our local dealers, Southwest Warehouse Solutions, will join us to meet and answer questions from attendees who stop by our booth. Modula sells our products through a network of local Authorized Dealers so that our customers get the local service and attention that they deserve. 

We look forward to seeing you at the ATX show in February! 

ATX 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center
February 11th – February 13th: Booth # 44177 


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