Industrial Laser Solution - Oct/Sept - Laser cutting for storage

Modula manufactures automated picking and storage solutions designed to optimize space, as well as improve picking and storage operations.
At the newest US facility located in Lewiston, ME Modula invested over $8 million in new manufacturing automation and upgrades to the facilities in 2015. The decision is in
alignment with the evolving needs of US buyers who favor the lead time and support offered by providers with homegrown manufacturing capabilities. Currently, the company produces a full range of products in the US, and offers fast delivery.

Modula’s US manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest in automation, from laser cutting and welding to automated punches, brakes, and presses. The company’s advanced technology guarantees optimal quality, relying on partners such as Salvagnini (Cincinnati, OH) and Comau (Southfield, MI) to create cutting-edge automated vertical storage solutions that are designed to recover floor space and increase productivity by speeding picking operations, thus increasing efficiency in the warehouse.

Modula’s automated technologies are designed and built around the concept of simplicity and efficiency when operating in harsh industrial environments. The products are fully equipped with a touchscreen graphical user interface with color display and intuitive icons, making the learning process straightforward for new operators.

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