The history of our company is deeply connected to our product. We first developed the automated storage tray vertical machine in 1987. This new storage solution proved to be very successful, enabling customers to recover up to 90% of their floor space. The popularity of this technology motivated us to begin marketing our vertical storage solutions internationally.

Since our original model, our product range has grown larger and more sophisticated, allowing us to to satisfy the unique requirements of customers in a wide range of industries. One of our most recent product innovations, The Modula Lift, was launched in 2010. We have since marketed this technology in different dimensions and performance levels. Modula Lift is also available in a heavy-duty model called Modula OneTon. This advanced system can manage up to 2,200lb (990 Kg) per tray. Our Research & Development department developed the Sintes1 in 2011. Modula Sintes1 is a light duty product made for smaller spaces and less demanding operation needs. As our company continues to grow and expand worldwide, we embrace the opportunity for ongoing innovation in order to best serve our international customer base.

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