Dalmec, Italy - Mechanical

Having to store a wide range of spare parts and manufacturing components, including pre-assembled manipulator blocks, kits, and units, some of which are very large, Dalmec needed to make the structure of its warehouse safer and more ergonomic for the recovery and management of goods by operators. It was also very important to be able to track the operations. With the installation of 18 Modula vertical warehouses, Dalmec was able to optimize the available space, reducing shelving and avoiding potentially dangerous situations for its operators. Thanks to Modula Vertical Lifts, items are now safely delivered to the operators at the optimal ergonomic work height, called the “Golden Zone”, avoiding unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts. What's more, the use of WMS software has enabled the company to manage 12,000 item codes with more speed and greater traceability. To learn more about this project, read the PDF below.

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