From global engineering firms to large scale manufacturing businesses, companies in the mechanical industry are some of our most common customers, and for good reason. It is vital for the mechanical industry to free up warehouse floor space and utilize vertical space for extra parts, manufacturing components, kits and units, and much more in order to meet their high standards of quality and security. Products, like the Vertical Lift Module (VLM), will utilize the full ceiling height of your facility thus maximizing the vertical storage potential. Items are stored in units up to 46' high, in a safe, secure environment and automatically delivered to the operator, avoiding unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts. All of this is combined with the highest tray load capacities, up to 2,200 lbs and the fastest tray cycle times. To learn more, read our case studies below.

Alpi - Italy

FBN - Italy

Fridle - Italy

Special Springs - Vicenza, Italy

Dalmec, Italy - Mechanical

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