Hydraulic/Oleo-Dynamic/Pneumatic Industry

It is absolutely necessary for businesses in the Hydraulic or Pneumatic industries to have access to a clean, organized and secure place to store materials. Corrosion due to poorly ventilated warehouses can lead to permanently losing material, therefore leading to loss of business. Modula offers a solution with automatic industrial storage systems, like the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and the Warehouse Management Software (WMS). The WMS software is the perfect complement to Modula VLM, allowing real-time inventory management, easily adapted to existing corporate software systems. Together, these systems will help increase the storage and picking efficiency with its real-time product tracking and protect materials. The Modula team offers training and support of this software, in order to help operators quickly learn how to use the interface with other corporate software systems, as well as the touch screen console for managing the storage trays. To learn more, read our case studies below.

HAWE Hydraulic - China

I.M.M. Hydraulics Ltd - UK

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