Innomed, Surgical Instruments, USA

Innomed, Inc. is an ISO certified company that manufactures orthopedic surgical instruments, based out of Savannah, GA.The biggest challenge for Innomed, Inc. was that they were experiencing issues with warehousing their inventory as it arrives from manufacturing and then having to make space available to store items. A second challenge was to store their various instruments that often are oddly shaped with large radiuses and curves.

The only option available to Innomed was to go vertical and utilize all of the available ceiling height for their storage. Thanks to 2 Modula LIFT ML50D VLM units, they now store over 90% of their inventory within the Modula VLM solutions, greatly recovering previously used floor space, while increasing user productivity and ergonomics. Items are now safely deliver to the operators at the optimal ergonomic work height, called the “Golden Zone”, avoiding unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts. In total, the two (2) Modula VLM units provide 1,659 ft.3 & 3,555 ft.2 of storage, all within a unit footprint of only 308 ft.2, allowing for approximately 2,400 unique instruments to be stored within each VLM unit. Learn more by reading the PDF below.

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