Honeywell - China

Honeywell Automotive Spare Parts Service Shanghai Co., LTD, a branch of the Honeywell Group, designs and produces mechanical components for the Automotive industry. Modula automated storage units are successfully being used in many of the worldwide branches and the Honeywell Shanghai division desired the same efficiently managed warehouse as their counterparts.

The most challenging part of the project hinged on the Modula WMS, the SW solution that Modula offers to manage VLMs. Honeywell Group uses SAP as their ERP, which is physically located in Europe, and remotely connected to all their branches worldwide. This means that all the production orders are coming from remote and can't be generated locally. So Honeywell required our WMS to work on a "pull" way, sending a request to their SAP and then getting back the order to manage, instead of using the typical "push" way, where the WMS receives the order, elaborates and sends back the confirmation of the operation. Find out how Modula helped this business to successfully save floor space, manage their inventory on real time and streamline workflow by clicking on the PDF below.

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