Ford, Spain - Automotive

Ford, Spain - Automotive

Ford Motor Company’s Valencia Body & Assembly Plant, located in Almussafes, Spain employs more than 8,000 workers, who produce and assemble Ford vehicle models including the Kuga SUV, Mondeo wagon, SMax, Galaxy and the Transit Connect vans. The plant was established in 1973 and has grown substantially over the past forty years with Ford investing $2.6 billion into operations. While substantial year over year growth is positive, space inefficiencies can cause an unwanted break in production. Any single interruption to production lines or processes can cause the entire manufacturing process to come to a stop and such delays directly impact the number of vehicles produced in a day. When Ford came to Modula, they needed production parts available quickly to meet manufacturing requirements all of which had to be able to be stored efficiently and safely delivered to the operators .

Modula installed four Vertical Lift Modules. The two Modula MC25 units are used to handle camshafts. One has two opposing bays: in one, 5 types of camshaft are received by the anthropomorphic robot, which is then picked and divided by model by the corresponding robot installed in the opposite bay. This Modula unit works on a 6 day-a-week continuous cycle, performing a total of 15,000 cycles/month.

The second, with a double internal bay, acts as a buffer in the production cycle: when a machine stops downstream of this, the anthropomorphic robot takes the camshaft and stores it within the Modula trays, to then release it once the cycle starts operating normally again. The Modula MX50D, used to store engine blocks, works in a similar way, and acts whenever the upstream machine stops. When necessary, the machine presents the robot with a tray of 10 engine blocks which are picked and entered into the production cycle, avoiding production delays. Thanks to the Modula units, the Valencia assembly chain manages to produce 17250 engines a week, on average around 1,150 engines/shift. Find out more by clicking on the PDF below.

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