From commercial vehicle manufacturers to car dealerships with multiple locations, the automotive industry is one our most popular customers, and for good reason. It is vital for the automotive industry to free up warehouse floor space and utilize vertical space for extra parts, vehicle components, just-in-time inventory, and much more in order to meet their high standards of quality and security. Our products, like the Vertical Lift Module (VLM), offer companies recovered floor space, increased picking accuracy, and time saved. Modula VLMs also automatically deliver parts to the picker at an ergonomic height, rather than having the picker go and locate the parts within long aisles of shelving and cabinets. Walking time for parts retrieval is reduced up to 70%, when compared to static shelving. Moreover our vertical storage solutions reduce existing parts storage areas by approximately 85%, increase operator productivity with the result of a faster processing of sales and service orders and picking and inventory accuracy, achieving inventory accuracy rates up to 99.9% and having improved parts security.

Autovega - Italy

Haulmax Pty Ltd - Australia

ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft - China

KM Products - UK

Valley Longwall International (VLI) - Australia

Honeywell - China

Ford, Spain - Automotive

Subaru of New England, USA - Automotive

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