Are you looking for a solution that make your lead time faster?


No matter which industry or sector,
quick & reliable delivery is the new standard.


Modula VLM is the solution that allows you
to prepare orders Just in Time and mantain inventory under control.



Lead Time Modula



By inserting a Modula warehouse into your company systems, you can easily integrate it with whatever software you are using, and this will allow you to:


• make regular checks on incoming and outgoing items and update warehouse stock levels
• properly organize stock by dividing it according to various specifications, such as model, size, dimensions, colors
• manage or more easily arrange minimum stock levels which may restrict the sale of products very close to running out
• control theoretical stock levels and keep them aligned with real or desired levels including using stock adjustments
• keep the alignment of physical and system stock levels under control


These operations allow you to manage orders properly
and update the system just in time as orders are processed.


Do you want to improve the performance of your picking and storage operation?

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