Save Time with the Vertical Lift Module

Save Time with the Vertical Lift Module

The Modula Vertical Lift Module saves a significant amount of time and increases employee productivity. Vertical storage offers accessibility to products or goods, so operators no longer need to walk through the warehouse searching for parts and then have to return to their workstation. Instead, the warehouse operator remains in front of the automated storage unit with all the necessary parts right in front of them, following the goods-to-man principle.

Goods-to-man is the ideal concept for a more accurate and a slow-moving approach to product picking systems for a range of industries. In a traditional order fulfillment environment, inventory is stored out on the floor, the most efficient pick paths are routed out, and the employee will spend the majority of their day traveling. Modula’s innovative vertical storage and workstation enable operators (whether its multiple operators during a day or just one) to achieve constant, high-order picking performance over a prolonged period of time with minimal travel. Using the Vertical Lift Module offers warehouse efficiency and an organized approach to warehouse environments.

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