Inventory Control Software for Increased Security

Inventory Control Software for Increased Security

At Modula, we understand the importance of product safety and the ability to track inventory. That’s why all of Modula’s automated storage equipment guarantees full protection of goods against damages and theft. The machine itself is fully enclosed with an automatic door which prevents goods from being damaged, exposed to dust, or harmed by humidity.

Modula’s inventory control software will keep your products both safe and organized. Every machine is password protected, allowing only authorized operators who will have a personal badge and individualized password, to operate the machine. All picking operations are monitored and log-ins are tracked, even down to specific trays depending on how your company’s chosen level of machine security. Tracking access to specific trays is also beneficial for inventory control, helping operators avoid picking the same goods as another operator in the warehouse. The who, when, and where are all very clear with Modula’s vertical storage units and advanced software, so you never have to worry.

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