Intuitive Automated Retrieval System

Intuitive Automated Retrieval System

Modula’s automated technologies are designed and built around the concept of simplicity and efficiency when operating in harsh industrial environments. Our products are fully equipped with a touch screen graphical user interface (Copilot), with color display, and intuitive icons, making the learning process straightforward for new operators.

Copilot is placed at the ergonomically correct height next to the bay where goods are picked and put-away. This position prevents accidental damages and interference with components and goods, which would likely happen if Copilot was placed elsewhere on the machine.

The internal bay is an ideal solution when companies need to keep floor space to a minimum, while the external bay offers an excellent ergonomic work environment for the operators picking heavy-load goods. Both configurations (internal and external bay) can be utilized, depending on how often the machines will be used. This dual bay configuration allows for high productivity, reducing the idle time when the operator is picking the next tray. The next tray can reach the operator just a few seconds after the prior operation was completed, making the rotations continuous. Modula’s automated retrieval system offers intuitive function and seamless transactions.

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