Warehouse Safety and Ergonomic Solutions

Warehouse Safety and Ergonomic Solutions

Modula’s vertical storage carousels are designed and built with ergonomics and operator safety in mind. All of our equipment is TÜV-GS safety certified, fit with physical safety barriers, and equipped with light curtains that make the operator’s workstation 100% safe. The Vertical Lift Module is designed to bring goods to the operator, meaning they are not required to climb or stretch for products or goods. They no longer need to bend over to lift and are instead supported by the machine.

If built at the correct height and situated under optimal lighting conditions, the equipment guarantees the safety of those who work on it. With bays for picking and placing, Modula’s machines are ergonomically correct, maximizing productivity by reducing operator fatigue and potential for injury. To further enhance ergonomics, the touchscreen console slides along the length of the tray, enabling the operator to keep an eye on all aspects of picking operations. These improved ergonomics increase warehouse safety and improve the productivity of warehouse operations.

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