Customized Configurations for Automated Storage Solutions

Customized Configurations for Automated Storage Solutions

Modula vertical lift modules offer multiple bay configurations in order to meet our customer's requirements. There are 4 possible bay configurations: internal and external, single or dual.

The internal bay is the ideal configuration for applications with limited floor space. The external bay is able to provide the best available picking rate when compared to the internal bay and offers the most ergonomic workspace for operators. It is able to provide additional benefits when used in conjunction with external picking aids such as cranes and/or mechanical manipulators to access heavy or large items stored. Both the internal and external bay types are able to be configured with either single delivery or dual delivery. Single delivery is well suited for applications with less stringent throughput requirements or when picking times are performed quickly.

Modula's true dual tray delivery system provides operators with greatly increased productivity by reducing wait times while the next tray is retrieved. The next tray in the picking queue is presented to the operator seconds after the previous tray operations are completed. Used in conjunction with the external bay, the nearly instantaneous tray exchange provides greatly increased picking productivity. We offer a wide range of accessories that can be added to our Modula VLMs to improve and optimize their performance.

Thanks to their modularity, they can be implemented at any time throughout the life cycle of your Modula lift. Visual aids for picking, user authentication devices, systems for orders preparation and to increase productivity, trays accessories: you’ll find the right solution for every need!

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